Inspiring people and society and providing peace of mind.
Thinking together, creating together.

We take pride in the tradition and integrity,
creativity and teamwork,
with which we inspire people and society
and provide peace of mind.

Thinking together, creating together,
for a comfortable and pleasant future.


  • Sincerity
  • Daring
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

We value these five traits and
will carry them forward into the future
in carrying out our mission.

Code of Conduct


Are we sincere in our work and in our interactions?

Trust and assurance can only be won through ethical conduct and sincerity as we meet with, listen to, and go on-site with our customers and partners.


Are we striving to be at the forefront of the times and to dare undertake new challenges?

Don’t explain why something can’t be done.
Instead, suggest how something can be done.
Keeping to things as they are is the start of atrophy.
Don’t be afraid of failure; dare to undertake new challenges.


Do we apply ourselves with the passion that is needed to inspire others?

Share the excitement of those around you and work together to exceed expectations.
Your passion and forward-looking attitude are what will inspire others.


Do we respect the standing and diversity of views of others and
do we act always with appreciation and deference?

Don’t think only of yourself; don’t think in terms of winning or losing.
Rather, consider always what is right and most appropriate for all aspects of the task at hand.


Do we act decisively with responsibility and commitment?

Play an active role, don’t be a bystander.
Express your ideas and act on them.
The commitment and actions of each member are what makes for dynamic teamwork.

Our mission is to inspire people and society and provide peace of mind. And we promise to achieve this by fostering our five valued traits while strictly adhering to our code of conduct.