NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO Group goes above and beyond expectations to create value using our strengths in mobility and problem-solving.NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO Group goes above and beyond expectations to create value using our strengths in mobility and problem-solving.

First of All, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support of the NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO Group.

The NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO Group is a comprehensive real estate enterprise group that expands the businesses of urban development, housing, real estate solutions and asset management. The core company of our Group, NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO Co., Ltd. (established in 1954) originated from the Nippon Kangyo Bank (now Mizuho Bank). Since our founding, with the support of many including our customers and the local community, we have been able to actively engage in the development and operation of office buildings as our main business. We have also been engaged in large-scale housing establishment and the development and sale of flat housing complexes, as well as real estate brokerage and appraisal evaluation.

In recent years, we have also been focusing on large-scale redevelopment projects. Our first main building in Tokyo, “Kyo Building (Completed in 1960),” was built in Kyobashi. We promoted an urban redevelopment project to refurbish the area surrounding the Kyo Building and in 2016 were able to hold its grand opening as “Kyobashi Edogrand.”
We have also developed a new open innovation office, called “SENQ.” Our group comes together to develop our business in a wide range of fields across the entire real estate industry. We organized our apartments for sale, houses for sale, and rental residential properties into the new residential brand called “BAUS.” We also enhanced our solutions business, primarily for corporate real estate (CRE) strategy support. Furthermore, we developed a mutual strategy with NIPPON-TOCHI TATEMONO Private REIT Inc., the private real estate investment trust we launched in 2015.

We have currently formulated our “Long-Term Vision for 2026”, and “Medium-Term Management Plan for 2019”, and we are aiming to strengthen our revenue base as “a group of companies that creates value to exceed expectations through our strengths in mobility and problem solving.” We aim to establish the “Nittochi brand” as the brand customers prefer by investing in new challenges and growth.

It is becoming increasingly more important for us to be able to respond and adjust to the changing values, work styles and life styles of our customers. Japan is dealing with the issues of competition between international cities, a declining birthrate and aging society, inbound demand, and technological innovation, and we need to face these problems head on. In these circumstances, the NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO Group is committed to meeting your expectations based on our corporate philosophy which is “Inspiring people and society and providing peace of mind. Thinking together, creating together.”

Thank you for your ongoing support and guidance.

Tetsuo Hiramatsu