1954 Established “Kanyu Building” (Capital: 20 million yen)
Began real estate brokerage and property insurance business
Completion of “Nagoya Kangin Building”
1955 Began real estate appraisal business
1960 Began building management and cleaning business
Completion of “Kyo Building”
1961 “Kanyu Building” and “Naniwa Tatemono” merged, name changed to “Kangin Tochi Tatemono”
Completion of “Yodoyabashi Kangin Building (now: Nittochi Yodoyabashi Building)”
1962 Began selling land at Kamoi, Yokohama City
1965 Registered as real estate appraiser
Began selling land at Yurigaoka, Kawasaki City
1969 Kangin Tochi Tatemono increased capital to 500 million yen
“Hiroo Apartments” went on the market
Began selling land at Higashi Hongo, Yokohama
1972 Began selling land at Hakusan, Yokohama, and Totsukadai
1973 Kangin Tochi Tatemono increased capital to one billion yen
1974 Company name changed from “Kangin Tochi Tatemono” to “NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO”
Completion of “Nittochi building”
1975 Consigned non-life insurance business to “Nippon Kyoei”
Began selling houses in Hakusan, Yokohama, full-scale entry into the housing business
1979 Began selling houses in Azumano, Yokohama
1982 NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO increased capital to 1.5 billion yen
1985 Completion of “Nittochi Nagoya Building (previously: Nagoya Kangin Building)”
1988 Began selling houses in Totsukadai, Yokohama
1990 Established the “Plus Alpha Business Department” and achieved full-scale entry into the real estate consulting business
1992 Established “Nittochi Comprehensive Management” and partially transferred the building comprehensive management department
1996 Established “Kasumigaseki Home”
1997 Minato building became a subsidiary and was renamed “Yokohama/Nippon Tochi Tatemono”
1999 Transferred the real estate brokerage department and housing planning department to “NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO HANBAI”
“NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO HANBAI” and “Yokohama/Nippon Tochi Tatemono” merged
Established the corporate sales department, starting full-scale real estate solution business
2000 Company name changed from “Nittochi Comprehensive Management" to “Nittochi Building Service”
Established “Nittochi Comprehensive Design”
Formation of securitization project “Neopas Kawasaki”
2001 Business integration with “Kangyo Real Estate Group”
“NIPPON TOCHI-TATEMONO HANBAI” and “Kangyo Real Estate” merged, company name changed to “Kangyo Nittochi Hanbai”
“Kasumigaseki Homes” renamed to “Nittochi Construction”
Transfer of non-life insurance business to “total insurance service”
Began selling “Shinagawa V Tower”
Developed simple appraisal system, “VITAL REPORT”
2002 Founded real estate solution site, “VITAL SOLUTION net”
Completion of “Nittochi West Shinjuku Building (Shinjuku Oak Tower)”
Formation of the development securitization project “Neopas FIS”
2003 “Kangyo Nittochi Hanbai” renamed to “Nippon Tochi Tatemono Hanbai”
2004 “Nippon Tochi Tatemono” increased capital to five billion yen
Formation of private fund “Neopas and Ellis”
Completion of conversion project, “Lattice Aoyama”
2005 Began managing golf course, “Lakewood Corporation”
2008 Began financial products business, “Nittochi Asset Management”
Developed and launched CRE management system, “CREX”
2009 “Nippon Tochi Tatemono” increased capital to 17 billion yen
2010 Transferred the design business from “Nittochi Comprehensive Design” to “Nippon Tochi Tatemono”
2011 Began service of cloud CRE management system, “CREXα”
2012 Completion of share house “Share Leaf Chitose Karasuyama”
“Nippon Tochi Tatemono” and “Kanyu Enterprise” merged
2013 Completion of “Grand Front Osaka”
2014 Completion of “Osaki Wiz Tower”
Integrated businesses, “Nippon Tochi Tatemono” and “Nisshin Tatemono”
2015 Began managing “NIPPON-TOCHI TATEMONO Private REIT Inc.”
Completion of “Park City Osaki”
2016 Founded housing master brand, “BAUS”
Founded open innovation office, “SENQ”
Completion of “Kyobashi Edo Grand”
2017 Completion of “Lattice Aoyama Square”
Completion of “Global Gate”