Development & Property Management Business

We will create the future of the city with
high quality development and operational capabilities.

The Nittochi Group is expanding urban development projects that create and nurture “inspiration and peace of mind” in cities.
Over the last few years we have completed large-scale redevelopment projects in Osaki and Kyobashi. Next, we will try new developments in the Toranomon area.
We also pursue high-quality operation management and promote customer service with utmost hospitality.
We will build a rich future for the city.

Urban Development

We will promote town development while respecting the opinions of the community, as we create and grow together with inspiration and peace of mind.

Working with stakeholders on “co-creation development.” We greatly value dialogue between all people involved and are doing our best to progress, from concept creation to business planning, business promotion and operation management.

Planning and Designing

Considering area features and combining them with new ideas. We will create value that exceeds expectations.

We are planning and designing new buildings, such as offices, residences, commercial facilities, hotels, and health care facilities, as well as actively rebuilding and renewing the functions of existing buildings. While responding to the needs of the times, we strive to create new value that will make the people working and living in the area happy.

Rentals and Operation

We propose an office atmosphere that best suits the people working there and that makes it a better place to work.

Primarily in office buildings, but also commercial facilities, complex facilities and the like, this kind of atmosphere creates the optimum space for all.
In addition to comfort and convenience, we also offer new work styles and of course ensure the space is safe, secure and environmentally friendly.

Maintenance and Management

We work with customers to provide a safe, secure and comfortable space through reliable management.

In order to provide customers with a safe, secure and comfortable space, we are implementing management with a long-term perspective based on strict management systems operated by specialists. We are also focusing on initiatives, such as town management to boost the appeal of the city and facility management to revitalize innovation.